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Dental Practices

With 25 years experience working with dental practices, Knox Coaching has a great understanding of the issues practice face on a day to day basis.  And with the economic environment still not favourable, there is a greater pressure than ever on the profitability of many dental practices.

Profitability Coaching

Our programmes of practice improvement have one goal in mind – to help you become more profitable.  Did you know that 1 FTA per day or 1 15min gap per day equates to lost revenue of £10,000 per year?   We provide consultancy, support and training services to help you

  • Maximising Chair Time Usage
  • Optimise Recalls
  • Manage Patient Finances
  • Manage Appointment Books
  • Treatment Plan Acceptance
  • Practice Marketing

Practice Marketing

Understanding what marketing works and what doesn’t work is essential in any business.  Knox Coaching is continually looking at innovative ways to attract new patients and retain existing patients.  If a growth in patient numbers is something you are aiming for, then Knox Coaching will help you achieve that goal sooner.  We will review your current marketing activity, and taking on boar your available budget and resources we will put together a marketing programme that will deliver results.

Staff Training

Exceptional Customer Care and maximised Case Acceptance are essential in any dental practice that is seeking to become more profitable and in any practice looking to grow.  Knox Coaching’s tailored programmes are designed to make your patients feel completely satisfied with their experience of visiting you practice.  We can provide staff training on

  • Customer Service
  • Delegation & Prioritising
  • Implementing a Smile Design questionnaire
  • Creating the Wow factor for new patients
  • Patient Retention
  • Practice Retail
  • Telephone Techniques
  • Case Acceptance – the Treatment Co-ordinator

Business Development

If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always got!!

Whether you are a new practice or an established practice, like any good business having a plan and a set of goals is important.  Long gone are the days when that banks happily said yes straightaway when they heard you were opening a practice.  A business Plan and a accurate cash flow forecast are important nowadays to make sue you are staying on track

 Knox Coaching will help you achieve success through effective business coaching, helping you get your practice where you want it to be. Call now on 07860 476 358 for a chat.